Thiết bị lưu trữ Nas LenovoEMC PX4-300r


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Thiết bị lưu trữ Nas LenovoEMC PX4-300r


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12 tháng NAS-THECUS

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LenovoEMC PX4-300r Acronis Appliance, 1U 4-bay, Diskless WW


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Giới thiệu chung về thiết bị lưu trữ Nas LenovoEMC PX4-300r :

Active Directory High-Availability & Hybrid Authentication

  • Windows Active Directory including Integrated Virtualization Extension (IVX), Active Directory Hybrid Authentication (ADHA), Trusted Domains, Microsoft Cluster Server and Hyper-V Live Migration support.

Built-in Video Surveillance

  • It gives small business the ability to safely deploy network storage in places where previously there was the possibility of virus and/or malware vulnerability.

SSD Caching for Faster Read & Write

  • Set up dedicated SSDs for fast reads & writes of frequently accessed data, providing improved performance for I/O intensive applications such as databases.

Built-in Video Surveillance

  • Includes Milestone Arcus VMS for hassle-free and automatic camera detection and recording configurations.

LenovoEMC Personal Cloud Backup

  • Synchronize data between personal cloud member systems and your Network Storage device.


LenovoEMC PX4-300r Acronis Appliance, 1U 4-bay, Diskless WW

Number of Users

  • Up to 150 users


  • Built around the Intel Celeron Dual Core processor to support demanding workloads like virtualization, deduplication, database management and video surveillance.

Acronis ATI Lite

  • Complete backup protection throughout your small business network with Acronis.
  • Protect your PCs with ATI Lite 2013 (3 licenses included)
  • Optional Acronis ABR 11.5 OEM Server and NAS application (sold separately) delivers automatic and continuous backup protection 
  • for your Windows or Linux Server and NAS.

Active Snapshot Backup

  • Point-In-Time backup of a complete volume image including Active Snap capability. Also uses .VSS and .VDS for compatibility wiwh Windows & VMware hosts


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