Ổ cứng mạng buffalo TeraStation 3400


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Ổ cứng mạng buffalo TeraStation 3400


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Ổ cứng mạng buffalo TeraStation 3400

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Giới thiệu chung về ổ cứng mạng buffalo TeraStation 3400:

Buffalo Surveillance Server

  • Store video captured with an IP camera directly on a TeraStation via a network.Supports up to five IP cameras per TeraStation. Just select the camera model and enter the IP address on the setup screen, and the TeraStation is set to record video. With the management software, you can centrally control multiple
  • TeraStations from a single point, such as a Windows PC or Mac.
  • The TeraStation can be configured to automatically switch over to a secondary TeraStation when the primaty TearStation runs out of capacity, to continue recording without interruption.
  • *Product comes with one free camera license. Additional licenses available for purchase.

iSCSI Target

  • Create NAS and iSCSI volumes on a single RAID array. Supports simultaneous usage of NAS and iSCSI in one device.

Extremely reliable hardware

  • The design of the unit and ventilation fan help ensure air flow,which is critical in holding down temperatures inside the case.The fan used id very quiet.It also monitors temperatures within the case and automatically regulates the fan speed for quiet yet effective cooling.

Utilizes specially designed,highly reliable power supply unit

  • The components are rigorously designed to handle high-temperature environments and extended operation.The highly reliable power supply withstands even continuous 24-hour-a-day use.BUFFALO recommend confidently to even business users with systems running for long hours.



Thông số kĩ thuật của ổ cứng mạng buffalo TeraStation 3400 :

Business Class Four Bay NAS Device

4TB : TS3400D0404
8TB : TS3400D0804

  •  Four bay, pedestal form factor
  •  Superior performance with Marvell ARMADA XP dual-core processor
  •  Business class NAS features such as file sharing and client/server backup
  •  IP camera support
  •  iSCSI target support
  •  Share level replication feature with device failover
  •  Cloud storage backup support
  •  24/7 reliability with hot swap, hot spare, port trunking, and UPS support
  •  10 licenses of NovaBACKUP Business Essentials v14
  •  Citrix Ready

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